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        glass mirror
        DongGuan RUIXIN Glass Handicraft Co.,LTD.
        Mobile£º13728265613£¨Mr. Zhang£©
        Address£ºShajiao Village,Humen Town,Dongguan
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            DongGuan RUIXIN Glass handicraft Co.,Ltd.Is specialized in all kinds of glass products design and production company. The company has the technology exquisite production organizations and advanced production equipment, with various difficulty glass products development and production capacity.     The company has always adhered to the 'beg existence by quality, seek development by innovation to the credibility of the market' the enterprise policy, strictly contr..
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        Address£ºShajiao Village,Humen Town,Dongguan    Tel:0769-82821618    Fax:0769-82821619     Mobile£º13728265613£¨Mr. Zhang£©

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